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Courses and Apply


Courses are completed online through watching the relevant video sessions and completing the assignments.


We recommend our students to start the course from Module 1. However, you can choose any module to study, so please feel free to do so if you have known some of the topics well in the earlier module(s). Module 4 are elective subjects for extra credit. 


Cost: Great News! Until further notice, studying at the College of Evangelism is free. There is a one-off registration fee of $50 when you register for the course for the first time. If you cannot afford the registration fee, please apply for sponsorship via email

How to apply

Step 1, Fill in the application form, with your name, contact details and a brief introduction of yourself. Please share your testimonies with us!

Step 2, Wait for the confirmation of your enrollment from the College of Evangelism. Our staff will be in touch with you by email. $50 registration fee is applicable. If you can't afford the registration fee, apply for sponsorship via

Step 3, Complete enrollment online by choosing the module you want to study. Create your own user name and password. You will need your user name and password to log into the online course.

Now you can start your study with College of Evangelism!



Thanks for submitting!

Keyboard and Mouse



How would you like to pay for your registration?

Please email the Principle of the college to apply for sponsorship via

Choose your course plan

  • Module 1

    Free Plan
    • God's Redemptive Plan in the Old Testament
    • God's Redemptive Plan in the New Testament
    • Apologetics
    • Basic Personal Evangelism
    • The Gospel in Romans
  • Module 2

    Free Plan
    • World Religions
    • Distortions of the gospel in modern cults
    • The Gospel and the Gnostic Distortion in Colossians
    • The Gospel and the Judaistic Distortion in Calatians
    • Interpreting the Bible Properly
  • Module 3

    Free Plan
    • Discipleship
    • Children's Evangelism
    • Youth Evangelism
    • The Evangelism Explosion Style of Outreach
    • Understanding and Communicating with Indians
    • Understanding and Communicating Maori
    • Understanding and Communicating with other Polynesians
    • Communicating across Cultures Internationally
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